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Thread: Newsletter No. 1/18 01 March 2018

  1. Default Newsletter No. 1/18 01 March 2018

    We released ChangefIT v3.10 a few days ago on the 19 February. We are very pleased with this upgrade as it is not only a big upgrade, but also an important one.

    When checking out a physical or logical file, we have now included the facility to optionally check-out objects referencing that specific file. In addition to references to the specified file, all objects referencing any logicals of the specified file are also presented. We feel that we’ve optimized this function for productivity with the extra features that we’ve added to it. Firstly, we’ve colour-coded the listing - as opposed to issuing an error. This way you can still check-out the source/object but specify different details (e.g. source file or library).

    1. Object and Src File and Src Lib in red.
      The source member and/or source file and/or source library cannot be found.
    2. Object and Object Lib in red.
      The object and/or the object library cannot be found.
    3. Object and Object Lib in yellow.
      The object or the source member has already been checked out to a different Project.
    4. Object and Object Lib in blue.
      The object or the source member has already been checked out to this Project.

    You can also view the source to ensure that it needs to be check-out, and the WRKOBJ command is also available.

    It should be noted that while the determination of the database relations (logicals) is done using the IBM I system tables, due to the processing time the program/object references are determined using the XrefIT database. It is therefore important to keep the XrefIT database current with at least a weekly update.

    Another silent change, but also important change is that we have fully automated the LODRUN upgrade process. There should now no longer be a need to run the parameter update after an upgrade. The only exception to this is when a change to a parameter definition is needed, and you have also modified the same parameter. As usual, we will inform you of any parameter changes in the Software Installation/Upgrade guide.

    Please note that we will be presenting a 1-hour TeamViewer webcast of these latest changes at 16:00 CET (Central European Time) (10:00 EST, 15:00 GMT) on Thursday, the 15th March 2018. We will be focusing on the changes in ChangefIT v3.10. Questions can be asked during and after the session (in English, German, or Afrikaans). Unlimited extra time after the session, if required, will be used to detail the ChangefIT/DeskfIT workflow, setup, etc., to new users of EcofIT products. It would be great if you could attend.

    You can follow us on Facebook (recommended) or Twitter to catch all news and updates immediately. Please remember that you can also subscribe to your private forum as this will alert you if an EcofIT staff member starts a new thread therein.

    Your EcofIT Team
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