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    Here is the source for the original X command posted at This was originally posted by DeadManWalks (Eric) and the link is

    Quote Originally Posted by DeadManwalks

    Here is a Hawkeye / abstract like tool.
    There are a few setups to use this.

    Compile all source code.
    Load the libaries you want to x-ref into File XREFLIB.
    Use command XREFBLD to load the x-ref.

    Use the command X to now see where an object is used. This shows you dates used and other goodies.

    You might have to change a few things for it to work on your system.

    This even does about a 90 % cross reference on Qry/400 objects too.

    Good luck.

    I made one big source file for everything because I am limited to 5 uploads.
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